Ft. Myers Teeth Whitening

Ft. Myers Dental Care knows that for many people, teeth whitening is the simplest and most effective way to a whiter, brighter smile. This is perhaps the most popular and successful cosmetic procedure in dentistry today. It is safe, simple and probably considerably more economical than any other method of improving your smile. The technique involves the patient wearing custom made, soft whitening trays into which bleaching gel has been placed. It is comfortable and completely safe for the enamel of your teeth. Typically, the patient will see very dramatic improvements in whiteness of the teeth in less than 2 weeks,

Tens of thousands of people have dramatically improved their smile since this method of whitening was introduced in 1989. Come see us for a complimentary consultation visit about whitening, Ft. Myers Dental Care can tell you in less than 5 minutes whether your teeth can be successfully whitened by this method.

Years of successful experience

If you cherish your smile and want the best result, you want a dental practice with many years of experience helping their patients with the best methods of teeth whitening. You want Ft. Myers Dental Care.