Ft. Myers Six Month Smiles

Have you always wanted straighter teeth but were unable, or unwilling, to wear traditional braces for 2 or more years? Dr. Hyatt now offers braces to straighten teeth in just 6 months and, furthermore, these braces are almost invisible! Our Six Month Smile system uses braces that are mostly clear, and the wire is tooth colored so most people won’t even recognize that you are wearing braces.

How can we straighten your teeth in 6 months? Traditional braces typically straighten both front and back teeth. Conversely, the “Six Month Smiles” braces technique focuses mostly on straightening the front teeth. This can usually be accomplished in only 6 months. Call us today for a complimentary exam and consultation regarding options of Six Month Braces vs. traditional braces vs. clear aligner orthodontic treatment. You’ll be glad you did!