Ft. Myers Cosmetic Dentist

Safe and simple, yet effective and affordable, tooth whitening is the most common and successful cosmetic procedure in dentistry today. Often, whitening is all that is required to achieve a brighter, more pleasing smile.    Read More >>

Tooth Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made restorations that are beautiful, strong and long lasting. They often provide more dramatic changes, such as eliminating spaces between teeth, straightening moderately crooked teeth (without braces), rebuilding chipped teeth, or lengthening worn teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic “bonding” of the front teeth, as an alternative to crowns or capping of the teeth, is often a more conservative (much less drilling) and more economical way to greatly improve your smile as compared to traditional “caps” or crowns. Dark teeth can be made lighter, crooked teeth can be made straighter (within limits), spaces and gaps can be reduced or eliminated, all with cosmetic “bonding” and usually at a single appointment. Please call and request a complimentary examination of the front teeth and consultation- it usually requires only a few minutes to determine if you are a candidate for cosmetic bonding as compared to caps, crowns, or even teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Contouring

Tooth reshaping, or contouring, is one of few “instant” treatments that is available in cosmetic dentistry. Dental reshaping and contouring is a dental procedure to correct chipped teeth, crooked teeth, cracked teeth and even overlapping teeth in just one session.

Today’s dental contouring procedure can even be a substitute for braces under certain circumstances. It can also be a procedure of subtle changes. A few millimeters of reduction and a couple millimeters of tooth-colored laminate can create a beautiful smile when performed by a cosmetic dentist, with no discomfort to you. Tooth reshaping, or dental contouring, is commonly used to alter the length, shape or position of your teeth.

The Right Cosmetic Dentist

Hyatt Dental Care has been performing cosmetic dentistry, in all it’s many forms, for many, many years. If you are interested in improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry, including Teeth Whitening, Tooth Veneers, Cosmetic Bonding or Cosmetic Contouring, Ft. Myers Dental Care is the right choice.